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david taran .netDavid Taran is a real estate investor based out of San Francisco, CA. He is the founder and CEO of Sunstar Capital, where he brings over 26 years of professional experience. David and his company work to build strong foundations between investors in the real estate market to bring about exceptional returns. They specialize in acquiring commercial properties in strategic, high-growth areas to create value through targeted capital improvements and leasing programs.

Taran, with a passion towards high-level strategy, focuses on optimizing operations, increasing cash flow, and maximizing value. His areas of expertise include: investment strategy and sourcing opportunities to structuring, negotiating, acquiring, financing, owning, reporting, entitling, developing, redeveloping, constructing, managing, operating, leasing, and disposition of investments.

In his previous role, David was co-Founder and co-CEO of Divco West Properties based out of the San Francisco Bay area. The company, through David’s leadership, was proficient in acquiring, managing, and developing commercial, hospitality, retail, mixed use, land, and residential properties. Real estate investment strategy is one of his many strengths and he has a proven track record of an impressive return on investment for his stakeholders.

Across his professional career, David Taran has amassed an impressive real estate portfolio totaling approximately $2.3 billion. Diversification of David’s holdings across institutional grade holdings around the country has proven to earn maximum returns for investors. Totaling his assets, he has acquired 13.8 million square feet of building space, 700 acres of land, 1,800 multi-family residential units, and 449 hotel rooms.

Taran is both an entrepreneur and people-person to his very core, which has equipped him with a uniquely irreplaceable skill set in both his professional and personal life. He loves being able to share industry news, trends and insight based on his personal experiences through his blog.

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David Taran's Background & Outlook

David Taran’s Personal Life

In addition to his real estate profession, David Taran sits on the board of Project Happiness, a pro-purpose, non-profit organization that is led by his wife, Randy Taran. The company is dedicated to spreading emotional resilience-building programs for children and people of any age, helping over 2 million people to develop the skill sets to live their happiest life. David’s role within Project Happiness is to provide strategic advice for forward movement.

Aside from his role on the board for Project Happiness, David Taran is also an avid reader and writer on all things related to positivity and optimism. He credits the adoption of a positive mindset as one of the cornerstones to his life’s success. To David, positivity is a way of life and a tool to leverage in both your personal and professional opportunities.

For professional success, positivity can be linked to openness and a commitment to understanding. For David, this can be a critical skill that has a range of effects, from connecting better and faster with new business partners to instilling a kinder and more productive company culture. Positivity has the power to inspire leaders and teams to work together towards a common goal and enjoy the process. By remaining upbeat during the every day routines, you’ll be less likely to allow stress and the responsibilities of work consume you.

It also helps in balancing work and home life – something that is very important to Taran and his family.

In the words of Eckhart Tolle:

“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment.”

David Taran’s Belief in the Power of Positivity

Recently, David has discovered the power of yoga and meditation as tools to help harness his inner peace and tranquility. Never one to shy away from continued growth and learning, David has completed teacher trainings in Hatha, Kundalini, Buddhi, and Universal yoga. It is these practices, along with meditation, that he credits for his ability to sustain an equanimous mindset even during the challenging days. Whether through yoga, meditation, or other practices, he advocates to others that they, too, find strategies to produce this positivity within themselves.

Hand in hand with a positive outlook, David Taran makes it a practice to be present for whatever and whomever he is engaged with. Whether it is being present to close a deal or to savor the day-to-day moments in your life, all are key to maximizing success and long-term happiness in business and in life.

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Randy Taran with TEDxMission

Check out Randy Taran, David’s wife and founder of Project Happiness speak on the importance of sustainable happiness in this TEDxMission video.