Essential Traits of the Real Estate Broker

When we consider the role of the real estate broker, we’re often reminded of the various roles he or she must play. To start, the broker must have a wealth of knowledge surrounding property management. He must also be well-versed with the current market trends and pricing. Finally, the successful broker is a people person. He’s a great communicator, yes, but beyond that, he’s able to make a sale by connecting with people quickly and easily.

The following three traits can benefit all brokers achieve success as they work towards building that coveted financial empire.

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  1. You’re an Entrepreneur

Today’s successful real estate broker is more a market specialist or sales person. At her core, she’s fiercely motivated to solve answers to the questions that already exist by creating a new business plan or a better way to tackle the problem. This can-do attitude is essential in today’s market. Further, the entrepreneur-broker understands business. She can leverage a sale, forecast the market, and close more deals based on her reassuring business-minded insights.


  1. You Understand and Practice Great Customer Service

Before any sale happens, the broker must first win over the client. This means getting to know what your client wants and how you can best sell that to them in a way that will benefit you at the same time. When you practice good customer service, you’re also building loyal clients. This can be significantly helpful for you and your business as your expand. Focus on your connections throughout each stage of your work. The wider your net is open, the better fish you’ll be able to catch!


  1. You’re Not Afraid to Hustle

When you’re out making connections, forging deals, and expanding your empire, chances are you’ll always be on the go. The best brokers accept and cherish this. Finding joy in the chase allows the broker to push harder, especially when it counts. While managing a healthy work-life balance is an essential part of any career, brokers must be strategic in understanding when they’re most needed. This call-to-action response can and will result in business for you.


In today’s economy, where the digital revolution stands to shift how we work in most every industry, it’s important to remain flexible and continue reaching for new ways to better your business and your clients. Don’t let yourself or your business become stagnate. Success requires a sturdy ladder and your ability to stand on your tiptoes to reach that final inch.

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