Recently Acadia Realty Trust acquired a fresh $55.2 million in street-retail investments in the San Francisco area. Due to the importance of this area for these retailers the company has made a commitment to the San Francisco area. Citing branding opportunities and high sales opportunities for the retailer interest and commitment to this area, Acadia stated they are interested in flagship areas as well as boutique opportunities as well.

This should come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the San Francisco area and what that means to retailers. Finding opportunities to operate within this market is a no-brainer for most investors and in this case Acadia is interested in looking for more in the near future. Another big appeal to investors in this area is the chance to outperform due to less supply and tenant growth and interest.

Many are thinking that everything is near the top of the market right now, but it still looks like there is a ways to go before any significant shifts occur. In the meantime, companies like Acadia will continue to push forward business as usual.