While many parts of the United States has had an explosion of prosperity in terms of the housing market, people can still find cities that have a lot of vacant homes. In fact, this article will look at the cities that have had the most vacant homes across the nation. Many of the cities that have vacant homes have been on an economic decline as the years have passed.


Detroit, once America’s beating heart and economic powerhouse, has been on the decline for decades. During the 1960s, the city reached its peak with 1.6 million inhabitants. Fast forward to 2018, and they only have 600,000 people. Detroit has become somewhat infamous for its urban blight as many will say that many homes remain abandoned here. In total, Detroit had 24,780 homes that are vacant.

San Antonio

San Antonio, two hours from the border with Mexico, has 5,206 homes that are vacant. This city, however, isn’t the worst on the list considering how only 1.1 percent of homes in San Antonio have been listed as vacant. Even during a strong housing market, people still have vacant homes that they could choose to purchase.

Hilton Head Island

What makes Hilton Head Island unique is that 16.9 percent of the homes in this city remain vacant. Many of the vacant buildings here have turned into eyesores. The problem is that some of these buildings have been left to rot. Located in South Carolina, Hilton Head Island has 5,229 homes that are vacant, but what makes them stand out is how they only have 30,945 single family homes.


Located in Indiana, Gary has one of the highest vacant home rates on the list, and they have a declining population as well. This is the city where Michael Jackson was born. In terms of vacant homes, Gary, Indiana, has 5,728 homes that are vacant. Meanwhile, that adds up to a whopping 19.4 percent of homes that remain vacant.

These are some of the cities where an individual can find vacant homes. They can buy them for a lower price than what they might be able to in other cities because of how each of these cities has some economic or other problem that leads to the homes going vacant.