No matter the quality of a roof, it’s inevitable that it will need to be replaced eventually. The key is to know when to replace it. Here are a few questions that homeowners can ask themselves.

Are the shingles starting to curl?
A common sign that a roof needs to be replaced is when the shingles start to curl. Whether they turn upward or the edges remain flat, and the middle begins to peel, it indicates that the homeowner should expect it to leak soon. A contractor can determine how much longer the roof has before it needs to be replaced.

Are there missing shingles?
Missing shingles are a warning sign. Individual shingles are relatively easy to replace. The problem is, it’s often difficult to find replacement shingles that match the rest of the roof. So many homeowners decide that it’s better to replace the roof entirely so that they can avoid the constant patching.

Are there cracked shingles?
If the wind damages the roof, the shingles will start to crack. The significance of the damage depends on the location of the shingles. If the cracking is not isolated and seems to occur randomly, then the entire roof should be replaced.

Is the roof starting to sag?
Whenever a roof shows signs of sagging, it typically indicates that there is a structural issue. There could be problems in the attic or even the foundation. It’s a good idea to solve this problem while the sagging is isolated to a small area. The quicker this issue is addressed, the better.

Are the shingles covered in algae and moss?
The good news is that algae and moss are only a cosmetic issue. So as long as the homeowner does not mind the appearance, they don’t have to replace the roof. However, homeowners must avoid power washing their roofs as this could lead to chipping and eventually damage the shingles.

A roof can be a significant expense. However, if you’re aware of the warning signs, you can take action before any significant damage is done. You can also estimate how much time you have left on your current roof.