We are often terrified of what we don’t know. It’s scary to attempt to traverse unfamiliar territory with no background knowledge or experience.

As we get older, we start thinking about how we can expand our financial world. Oftentimes, investing is the route that many individuals choose to pursue. Investing is an expansive realm, allowing those interested the ability to pick and choose which investment option is the best fit for them.

Perhaps one of the most enigmatic forms of investing is buying real estate. We are constantly introduced to stories of successful real estate investors who started with little to no experience and eventually worked their way up to becoming leaders in the industry. But why are so many intimidated by the thought of real estate investing?

It could be because it is not something that is taught from a young age. The only individuals who feel comfortable approaching real estate investing are typically ones who have been exposed to it from a young age. Of course, this isn’t to say that real estate investing is easy. Even to someone with more experience, it can still be overwhelming.

You need to be able to protect yourself from bad information and scammers who are looking to squeeze out money from investors who don’t quite know what they are doing yet. If you are thinking about becoming a real estate investor, here is where you can begin:

Research everything. This might leave you feeling more overwhelmed than before you knew anything, but it’s a great starting place. Educating yourself on all things real estate investing is the best use of your time at the onset. It will work to decrease the time you could end up wasting down the road. And even more importantly, it could save you money from avoiding costly mistakes.

Find your niche. In researching, you will begin to discover what areas within real estate investing are the right fit for you. Try to take your strengths and use them within this journey. You will be more successful this way.

Ask questions. There is a lot that you don’t know and a lot that you won’t be able to uncover from research alone. Try to connect with people who are experts in the area you want to focus on and learn as much from them as you can.