Instead of replying to texts or scrolling through Facebook while waiting in line at the grocery store or during your lunch break, use that time to productively search for your dream home. Now, you can take house hunting on-the-go with an endless surplus of real estate apps that you can download right to your smartphone.

These apps are all free to use, so don’t hesitate to go download-crazy and have as many tools available to you as possible to assist you in finding your new home. The real estate market is becoming more competitive, so having multiple outlets to search through will only benefit you in finding the right home for you before it’s taken off the market and is a missed opportunity.


Zillow is one of the most downloaded real estate apps at the moment. It gives homebuyers a customized look into desired homes and locations. In addition to looking through high-quality images, you can also go on a virtual walkthrough of the home to see if it’s worth scheduling an in-person showing. This decreases the amount of time spent wasted at showings where the images don’t tell a true story of the home. You can also research a home’s surrounding area to find information that could affect your decision to buy, like neighborhood crime rates or the quality of the local school districts.


One of the major benefits of Redfin, aside from its vast database of listings and detailed search capabilities, is its efficiency. The app updates its listings every fifteen minutes, which means that you won’t be unknowingly scrolling through older properties that may be close to selling. Redfin is also able to predict how fast a home is projected to be sold, so you will be able to prioritize the order of the homes you go to for showings.


Trulia is another one of the most popular apps used by homebuyers and professionals. Trulia, like other real estate apps, offers personalized searches with detailed information about the area to help you make the most informed decision. But one of the areas where Trulia surpasses its competitors is with images. Instead of a map, you can browse through packages of photos that will show you different features you are interested in, like new, renovated kitchens or even fixer uppers for those who are interested in having control in the renovation process of their new home.


You are out driving around and a stunning home for sale catches your eye – how will you ever find that listing online? With Homesnap, you can take a picture of the home and learn more about it through the actual app to see if it’s a worthy candidate to schedule a showing!

If you are serious about finding your dream home, take full advantage of all of these tools that are available to you, whether you are at home or out and about.