You may be looking for ways to improve the worth of your real estate investment. There are many things you can do from simple updates to large scale renovations. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Turn a Two-Bedroom into a Three-Bedroom

This can be one of the most cost efficient ways to add tens of thousands of dollars to the property’s value. By converting a spare room or den into a bedroom, you can boost the overall worth of the property. After giving the room a fresh coat of paint, consider picking up an inexpensive bedroom set to furnish the room.

Staging goes a long way when it comes to selling a home. Even if you use it as an office, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of staging it like a third (or fourth) bedroom. It gives buyers more options even if they ultimately choose they prefer an office too.

Pay Attention to Curb Appeal

There are many ways to enhance the property’s exterior view and thereby boost the home’s value. Start out simply by edging around the sidewalks and driveway and hiring landscapers to haul away dead shrubbery. You can plant a tree in the yard, add a new mailbox, or repaint the trim around the house. Remember, “First impressions are everything – at least when it comes to selling your home,” as Gretchen Roberts described on HGTV.

Open Up the Floor Plan

Another way to boost the value of your home is to tear down a wall or two. You’ll want to bring in professionals for this, because you want to ensure you’re not tearing down a load-bearing wall. This can give the home a more spacious look and increase appeal for renters and buyers alike.

Update Windows and Doors

By replacing an ordinary door with French double doors, you can make the room seem more spacious and add elegance to the look of the room. Also consider adding windows or a skylight to boost the natural light to a room. Updates of this nature can help the home seem more inviting and emphasize the beauty of the yard or similar view. As Colleen Kane says, “Windows are a functional update that are not so noticeable visually, but are much appreciated for improving energy efficiency.” As a result these small touches, could still be the tipping point to convince a seller.

Renovate Attic or Basement Space

By utilizing all of the space in the home, you can increase square footage and the home’s value along with it. In some cases, it may not take much more than a thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint to make an attic seem more welcoming.

Anything you can do to make the property more inviting will help to improve the property’s value. If you want to increase the worth of the property significantly, you might even ask your real estate agent for suggestions. Improving on your property may cost money now, but it will be worth it in the long run. Consider how much you want to earn on your property and how much your willing to invest to get there. You can always start with the small stuff and go from there.