Think back to when you first bought your current home. How stressful was the process? Was there anything that the previous tenants did that really helped to cement your decision to purchase the home? On the contrary, was there anything that the other tenants did to sway your decision away from buying their home.

If you are in the process of selling your home, it’s important to reflect back on your previous experience as a homebuyer to use as inspiration for your new role as home seller. There are some tips that are, or at least should be, more obvious than others, but there may be a handful of secrets that you may not have noticed were conscious efforts of the previous homeowners in giving you a positive experience that may have had a hand in strengthening your decision.

As potential buyers start to peruse your home for purchase, there are actions that you can take in order to put your home at the top of their list as they start narrowing down their choices.

Keep Your Home Cleaner Than It’s Ever Been

When you are showing your home, it means that people can schedule a time to see it whenever it’s convenient for them, which means it may not always be convenient for you. In some cases, you may get a day or two notice, but there are times when it will be last-minute, giving you a few hours to make sure everything is perfect. My advice is to clean your home better and more frequently than you did when you were living there. This is referred to as always having your home “show-ready.”

Consider Home Renovations

Ideally, your home will fare better if it has recently had some renovations done. This could be an updated kitchen, a roof replacement, or a new bedroom. Renovations like these will increase the value of your home, allowing you to ask for a higher price. But this can’t be something you decide to do right before your home is put on the market. You would need to allow yourself a few years, depending on the project, to make sure that all of the renovations are completed and done correctly.

Put The Convenience Of Buyers Above Your Own

One of the most important traits that a home seller should possess is flexibility. You might not want to wake up early on a Saturday morning after a long week to show your home to a potential buyer, but if that is what’s convenient for them, you will need to work with their schedule. You could be turning away the one person who could make an offer.

Do Research Before Accepting An Offer

A person who is looking to purchase a home around your area has done their research, so it’s crucial that you do yours. They are looking to get the best deal for them and will attempt to negotiate your asking price. While you don’t want to be stubborn in this matter, you shouldn’t settle immediately either. See what the other homes in your area have sold for. If you present this information to the potential homebuyer when defending why you are asking what you are, it’s going to build trust rather than you coming across as unreasonable.

Get Your Neighbors Involved

Make selling your home a social gathering for the neighborhood. Throw a small event at your home so that potential buyers can come see your house and meet the members of your community. Encourage your neighbors to invite any family members or friends who they know are currently searching for a place to live. Since you’re moving out of the neighborhood, this gives them some say in who replaces you as their neighbor!

Aside from offering a house that not only fits a potential homebuyer’s ideal physical appearance and budget range, giving them a positive experience while they are viewing your home is equally important in their decision-making process. Keep an organized home and put the homebuyer’s needs first, and you will be able to sell your house in no time!