As a renter, one of the benefits of leasing your home is not having to cover the cost of different repairs that are needed on the property. Although the landlord is responsible for maintaining the property, it doesn’t mean they have to cover all of the costs. When you’re leasing the house, there are a few repairs that you may need to pay for as a renter.

Clogged Drains

From coffee grinds that get stuck in the drain to hair that causes the toilet to become backed up, drains are prone to become clogged due to certain items that are flushed or washed down. Clogged drains are caused by the tenant, which means you’ll be responsible for fixing the issue or hiring a plumber to remove the debris. Knowing the right items to flush down and others that should be placed in the trash can allow you to avoid the issue.

Broken Locks or Windows

You may get locked out of your house if you lose your keys or leave them inside of the building, which can make it impossible to get back into the home. Many people resort to breaking through a window or door to get back in and can assume that the landlord will need to pay to fix the damaged features. Due to your mistake, you’ll have to cover the cost to perform the repairs and restore the home to its original condition.

Flea Extermination

Although landlords must provide extermination services at different times of the year, you may need to cover the costs if it’s related to fleas that are brought into the home due to your pet. Similarly, bed bugs that are brought into the house are also due to the tenant’s actions even if you’re not aware that you tracked them in from another location. You’ll have to take the matter into your own hands and pay to have the bugs exterminated before the problem becomes more severe.

Damaged Appliances

Appliances can become damaged when they’re misused by the tenants, which will mean the landlord isn’t required to have them repaired if you’re at fault. Unless the refrigerator or dishwasher was broken when you moved in, then you can expect to pay for the repairs.