It’s no secret that the real estate industry (and many others as well) in Austin has been doing great lately. With more and more people flocking there, it is still an incredibly solid location to invest in as well. Forbes recently ranked Austin as having the best real estate market in the country and for good reason.

Right off the bat the number that stands out is that 40% of homes on the market sell within seven days. This is astonishing especially when you compare it to the national average which is 10%. Certain areas in the city have seen as high as ten percent increases in home sale prices recently as well. While such impressive growth in this regard can’t last forever, the end doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon.

People who aren’t familiar with the city might be confused as to why this city in particular is taking off. There are plenty of job opportunities, exciting new companies are being built all the time, and people generally seem to enjoy the atmosphere. To summarize, there is just a lot of excitement and the growth is astonishing.

I’ll leave you with a video that does a great job of explaining the benefits of the city. With such a cultural upsurge and spike in interest it’s definitely fueling one of the most impressive real estate markets we have seen in some time.