As technology continues to advance, industries across the nation are starting to adapt this innovative technology at varying speed. The real estate industry is one of the slower of these, yet there has been a recent spike in technology being introduced within the real estate realm, which is already having a huge impact.

Artificial intelligence is one of the recent additions to the industry and has already benefitted efficiency, security, and customer service. Here are notable mentions for 3 AI companies that are shaking things up:



This startup uses artificial intelligence to help locate the best deals in commercial real estate. Their platform analyzes properties and estimates the development potential of each, which also includes information on the return of investment!


Dynamics 365 AI Solutions

This platform is dedicated to improving the quality of your customer service. It acts as a virtual agents that helps work through customer complications. If a problem cannot be resolved through the virtual agent, it is transferred to a real employee.



Gone is the time of having to input data on your own. Leverton can take information written on a PDF and organize it into a system online for your records, letting you can focus on the more important aspects of business.