Landlords are not the only parties that are bound by law to observe a given decorum as regards real estate properties. Tenants also have a responsibility to adhere to and some regulations that guide their conduct. Few tenants ever understand their duties whenever they sign a tenancy agreement. Here are some crucial and fundamental tenant responsibilities.

Maintaining the premises
Once a tenant signs the tenancy agreement, it is his or her responsibility to ensure that the premises are maintained in a pristine condition. One of the key maintenance aspects is collecting and disposing of garbage responsibly. Proper disposal creates a habitable and sanitary condition for safe living. In addition, tenants are required to maintain the property by avoiding tampering with any installation whatsoever without the prior notice to the landlord.

Adhering to the lease agreement
The lease agreement between the tenant and the landlord binds the tenant on certain fundamental aspects, including respecting the length of the tenancy, adhering to the financial obligations, respecting the procedures for rent payment, and limiting the use of the premises to the agreed purposes only. Respecting the stipulations of the lease agreement as binds the tenant creates a good relationship based on trust.

Updating the landlord where necessary
As a tenant, it is your responsibility to keep the landlord updated on any significant issues, especially those that regard the maintenance of the premises. For example, if you think that the premises need to be repainted, then it is your responsibility to raise the matter with the landlord. The law recognizes this as the first step towards facilitating a harmonious relationship between the two of you.

Proper use of the premises to the comfort of others
As a tenant, you have the responsibility of ensuring that your stay in a given premise does not inconvenience other tenants. This requires you to adhere to other stipulations of the law, especially those that bind you on the kind of activities you can engage in your premises. For instance, listening to extremely loud music can cause disturbance to your neighbors. Any facilities that are shared among the available tenants in a given premise should also be used responsibly and to the benefit of all the other tenants. For instance, you should park your car responsibly while leaving sufficient room for the other tenants to park theirs.

Knowing your responsibilities as a tenant can make your rental experience a more positive one for both you and your landlord. If you expect a landlord to live up to their obligations, then it only makes sense to be aware of your duties as a tenant and uphold them.