The Nashville real estate market has been very interesting for a lot of investors and is growing at a pretty steady pace. There are a lot of insights behind why this is the case, but I came across a neat articles where some locals shared what they liked about the town. While numbers obviously give you a better indication as to what a local market has to offer, sometimes hearing from people who live in the area can be helpful as well.

It’s always neat to hear about the little things that an outsider would overlook when analyzing an area. It also gives you a good idea on the “vibe” of the area as well which cannot be overlooked. Austin is a great example of this. You can look at the numbers and see that there is obviously a reason behind the growth and draw to this area, but when you hear locals talk about it then everything hits home.

In the article some of the things that locals mentioned as their favorite things about Nashville were:

  • Food trucks
  • The Nashville library
  • Radnor lake hiking
  • Historical homes
  • Acme Feed and Seed (restaurant)
  • Growing entrepreneur community

If you want to read the full list about what locals love about Nashville you can read the full article here: Exploring Nashville