Driven by a new group of artists in the area, Jersey City is seeing an upswing in development and activity. With some people calling it the “new Brooklyn” the quickly growing art scene is flocking here as well. When more young and trendy people spending time in the city and buying into the culture that it has to offer, growth is sure to follow.

Young professionals have been moving to Jersey City because of the cheaper real estate and easy commute into Manhattan for the last few year, but lately things have really taken off. Artists are now moving into the city to grab studio space at a far more attractive price than Brooklyn or Manhattan. Some of the artists are looking to grab space that they can use strictly for their work, while others are looking for dual purpose opportunities.

This article has a ton of figures in terms of rent costs and square footage that you will probably enjoy. New growth in once non-desirable areas are always extremely interesting and have a lot of trickle-down effects into other areas.