Most people do not think much about plumbing issues until there is a serious problem. Additionally, most homeowners only know to use a plunger and pour drain cleaner when there is a problem with a sink or toilet. You must be able to identify when a plumbing issue is serious and demands the attention of a plumber.

Discolored Water
You will want to know what the source of the problem is if the water coming from your pipes begins to change colors. Your first call should be to your water company to find out if they have information that will explain the discoloration. If not, it is time to call a professional.

Wastewater Backflow
Wastewater backflow is likely the result of a problem with your sewer line. Most systems are underground so you will not be able to discern this problem with your eye. Typically, sewer line problems are caused by issues like flushing the wrong items down toilets and overgrowth of tree roots.

Low Water Pressure
Low water pressure is often caused by a buildup of gunk in the aerator of your faucet. These problems only require you to clean the gunk from the aerator. If cleaning the aerator does not return the water pressure to normal, it could be a sign of a more serious problem like a major water leak or fractured pipe.

Slow Drain
If the sinks in your kitchen and bathroom are taking longer to drain than usual, you will probably need a plumber to check out whatever is causing the clog. The same is true if a sink, bathtub, or toilet does not resume normal function after you use a plunger or drain cleaner to improve water flow through the drain.

Frozen Pipes
If your pipes freeze during the winter months, there is no time for debate. You need to place an immediate call to a plumber. Signs of frozen pipes include clanking noises in the pipe, water that is not running, and a sewer-like smell coming from your faucet. Attempting to thaw the pipes yourself can result in serious damage.

The Bottom Line
Most homeowners know very little about issues relating to plumbing. You must be able to identify the problems that need to be addressed by a licensed plumber before a relatively small issue becomes one that costs you a lot of money.