There is so much power in words. That is why it is important to be meticulous and intentional with the words you use in certain circumstances. And the likewise is true when you are trying to distinguish the language someone uses when describing something.

One wrong verb or adjective could concrete something as being undesirable. This is applicable to a variety of situations, but not many people realize just how profound words are in certain instances. Buying a car, planning a vacation, even buying a home.

Something may sound perfect on paper, but you can decipher a lot of meaning from a phrase shrouded in a fluffy paragraph or even a term buried in a positively-worded sentence. When looking at a property to purchase, there is a list of terms that should be used as a key when reading through a property description or hearing someone speak about the location.

When a property is “in a hot neighborhood.”

“Hot” is not synonymous with the term “popular,” which would signify a sought-after location. Instead, it’s another way to describe a neighborhood that is “up-and-coming.” What this means is that real estate developers are predicting that this neighborhood will be a popular hot-spot in the future, however, it’s still in its beginning stages – if it will ever get there at all.

If your property is being “offered as is.”

The price of this property may catch your eye, but don’t be blinded by the affordability. The seller of this property is looking to get rid of building, faults and all. And there might be a lot of faults – anything from leaking pipes to a collapsed roof.

If the property has “natural landscaping.”

If you are looking to tackle a landscaping project on your own, this could be the property for you. This means you are getting a property with a yard that has not been cared for for quite some time.

The property “could be a gem.”

It has the potential, but only after you put in the work to make it look better. This is okay for people who envisioned themselves doing a complete home makeover, but it’s going to require a financial commitment others just might not have.