In the digital age, there are a multitude of websites that realtors and home-seekers can use to find new houses or apartments. The following list will breakdown the five best online real estate entities of 2018.


Zillow is currently one of the largest and most popular real estate sites on the Internet, and it is no mystery as to why. They have millions of for-sale and for-rent listings on their website and their detailed search mechanisms allow for potential buyers or renters to find a home or apartment that really suits them. Zillow is available not only as a website but also as an application for smartphones, making it easy to check listings on the go. is another expansive real estate site that has a myriad of features. In addition to a detailed search mechanism, also offers neighborhood statistics, home listings, apartment listings, and local mortgage rates according to your search. aesthetically appears a tad more professional than other real estate sites, making it a good choice for both experienced and novice buyers.


Homefinder is a relatively small real estate site compared to the other sites listed here. However, Homefinder’s easy to use platform makes it a good choice for new buyers or renters. Homefinder is also unique in that it has a search option for open houses as well as foreclosures and auctions.


Xome is another unique real estate website that allows for users to not only search for homes online but also purchase them online as well. Xome offers its customers real estate agents and mortgage lenders in order to make the process of buying a home online hassle-free. Even if a purchase is not made online, Xome can serve as an adequate search platform for finding a home.


Redfin is similar to Xome in that it connects its customers with real estate brokers. While it may not be as expansive as some of the other real estate websites, Redfin updates its search listings every ten minutes and offers its users a three dimensional online tour of their prospective house. This gives its users a realistic idea of what their property would look like before they decide to see it in person.